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The Opportunity of Inquiry

for scholars who share a common passion for inquiry because of what it can reveal about our world and ourselves, there is opportunity here.

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The Demands of Justice

皇冠体育盘口notre dame is animated by a faith that inspires us to seek knowledge because of the powerful tool it can be to improve humankind.

Faith & Service at ND

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The Connected World

notre dame seeks to be in the world, and to bring the world to notre dame, because inquiry and scholarly exchange are enriched by the pursuit of cultural fluency.

Global Scholarship at ND

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Light pollution may increase biting behavior at night in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes


artificial light abnormally increases mosquito biting behavior at night in a species that typically prefers to bite people during the day, according to research from the university of notre dame that was published in the american journal of tropical medicine and hygiene.

Lilly Endowment awards Notre Dame grant to advance student mental health

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the university of notre dame has been awarded $2.5 million from lilly endowment inc. to advance a holistic approach to student mental health that promotes well-being, resilience and restoration for students and caregivers alike.

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皇冠体育盘口buttigieg, currently a faculty fellow at the notre dame institute for advanced study, will discuss “rebuilding trust in our nation’s institutions” at 8:15 p.m. edt oct. 21 (wednesday).

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the house judiciary committee on tuesday (oct. 6) said big tech companies — amazon, apple, facebook and google — have abused their monopoly power and called for the most sweeping changes to antitrust laws in 50 years.

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meet seven outstanding faculty members working to build a better tomorrow

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Quantum Interest

皇冠体育盘口notre dame restores forgotten letters of scholars’ physics debates

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皇冠体育盘口the pandemic alters life at our lady's university

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